Introducing the wOch by O. A smartwatch concept that empowers the wearer with greater speed, faster access, and more control. O focuses on how technology can help people, bring us together, contrasting from the all familiar black screened barriers. Gestures above the screen, natural movements more connection and less distraction.

The smartwatch is the heavily anticipated tech release for 2014. I decided to create a concept smartwatch of the near future. Starting right at the start I designed the watch, its functions and benefits to the wearer. I designed the UI with the restriction of a circular screen, a challenge to pull off in a way that makes the circle screen useful rather than a limitation. I Led the features film and promo, wearing many hats throughout – producer, director, compostior, animator, designer, location scout, sandwich maker! I was very luck to Work with a such a talented crew, music composers and sound designers – we hope you like the result.


Future Smartwatch – The wOtch by O

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